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Get Involved

When our monetary system drives most of the activity on the planet, it is important that we understand it fully. We are always looking for people to get involved.

Start a Discussion

There's no simple way to describe the problem but we try to highlight it whenever we can by explaining it by getting across the main points:

Money comes from bank loans and every Euro has a corresponding debt. Reducing our debts reduces the money supply by the same amount. For this system to run smoothly we need to take on more debt than we repay. However, since mortgages have reached their natural limit so too has this system.

Full reserve banking is one solution which is sensible on so many levels. You can start a discussion on any website relating to the monetary system. This includes commenting on newspaper articles etc.

Organise a Talk?

We're happy to give evening or daytime talks on how our economy operates, and how we may implement a better system.

These talks can be of an informal nature and venues may include bars and cafes etc. We have also done presentations in lecture theatres, libraries halls etc. and anything in between.

We obviously adjust our talks to our audience and no prior knowledge of economics is needed.

To organise a talk e-mail Paul Ferguson at

Inform Your TD

Naturally not all our TDs go into politics having studied economics. The current system of fractional reserve banking is so misunderstood and our proposal can't be explained quickly even to those with a background in economics.

With this in mind we see little benefit to informing most of our TDs.

We would advise contacting the following TDs in particular and keeping any correspondence brief and concise. The merits of full reserve banking are rarely discussed even in economics circles so assume our TDs have no prior knowledge.

Correct Our Financial Commentators

We believe that if the media were fully aware that banks created new money through every loan and deleted money through repayments we'd be on the road to changing fractional reserve banking to a better system.

Some common misconceptions are below;

If anyone in the media suggests that banks are financial intermediaries that lend out existing money from 'other people's deposits' we try to correct them.

If someone implies that only the ECB can create euros we say this isn't true. The ECB can create euros for banks' reserve accounts only. These euros aren't in circulation. We try to highlight the role of commercial banks in creating all the euros in the circulation.

Sometimes commentators suggest we're burdening our grandchildren with our debts and that we've somehow lived beyond our means. It's hard to imagine fractional reserve banking will be in operation as we know it today when our grandchildren are around. But if it is there's no way our grandchildren could borrow all the money they need to trade such that it can repay two debts - The debt that brought it into existence and our current debt.

Many commentators blame our political leaders including those in Europe. Politicians can't create money and have little control once it's in circulation. If Governments want more money they have to think of ways to collect it from circulation or borrow it into existence like everyone else. Governments also cannot make people organise bank loans.

Bank have also taken the blame for the debt crisis. However banks have to link a debtor to every euro they create and they can't operate without someone defaulting no matter how careful they are. They also can't be expected or relied upon to look after the Macroeconomy.

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